I wouldn’t call myself a vegetarian or vegan, as I often eat poultry, and occasionally some red meat, but I find it really easy to avoid meat completely and I feel much better when not having it. Does anyone else share that feeling?

There are more and more studies that confirm the health benefits of plants and reduced intake of animal products. And interestingly plant-based diets are considered as being the optimal diet in reducing the risk of many chronic health conditions. Oxford researchers estimated that by 2050, a diet low in meat and high in plant intake could save approximately 8 million lives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds…

Below are a few great options for vegetarian meals that are also really nutritious:

  • Homemade hummus (blend chickpea’s, lemon juice and olive oil) served with brown rice and steamed veggies/green beans.
  • Lentil soup (this is so easy – literally just put some lentils, veggies of choice and spice of choice – I like a medium curry with this – in a cooking pot, cook until soft (with water) and voila!)
  • If you don’t mind having eggs – making a delicious omelette is a great option. Serve with any white cheese of your choice and lots of veggies or a side salad.

Please share any great vegetarian meals/ideas below for us to try out 🙂

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