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A brand new edition to Zena Health Transformation’s offerings is the world-renowned clinical psychologist and mindful eating expert Dr. Lynn Rossy’s Eat For Life – Mindful Eating class. Zena presents (a first in South Africa) this tried and tested, live, online 10-week mindful eating program every few months with the next intake in Jan 2024 – this program is designed to help you develop a loving and kind relationship with your food and your body. 

Zena’s 6-Session Health Protocol

The focus of this program is long-term, sustainable change, addressing the root causes of your health issues and figuring out how to thrive. I will support you to learn how to take good care of yourself, end the obsession with food, and create a healthy relationship with food, mind & body.

You will learn how to listen to your body more, include more healthy habits into your life that serve you, and find a way of eating and living that offers you joy, comfort, and balance.


Package Includes
  • Your unique way of eating & recipes tailored to your specific body and life situation.
  • 6x one-on-one nutrition and health coaching sessions (in-person or via Zoom – one session every week or second week (depending on your schedule) with a maximum duration of 12 weeks.
  • Weekly contact via WhatsApp/email with regards to questions you may have/ support you may need.


Various health and wellness retreats are offered each year, at beautiful venues across the country. These retreats are very powerful as they take you out of your regular environment which enables you to learn more about health and wellness in an embodied way. Come and enjoy a restorative, relaxing time away with us. If you want to feel refreshed and are in need of more balance, this is for you.



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