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I’m Zena le Roux, Functional Nutritionist, Investigative Health Journalist (MA), & Health Coach.

I, Zena le Roux, am on a mission to enable people who feel stuck with their health/weight-loss goals to finally move forward and sustain their results for good. After working in the health industry for many years, I realised that the gravitational pull-back to the familiar is often too strong when trying to change our lives. This keeps many of us away from experiencing freedom around food and from what we really want in life. If we are healthy and energised, however, it gives us access to improving our vitality and, therefore, enables us to do more of the things that bring us joy.

Unfortunately, many of us also started believing the lies of the health industry – “a healthy life is difficult, a punishment, a concentration camp, bland, restrictive, a lot of effort, isolating” and more. Today I want to promise you, that this is not true. I want to show you that a healthy life should be fun and exciting – and if it’s not – you’re probably doing something wrong! I will personally never put a piece of tasteless food like bland chicken and watery broccoli in my mouth just for the sake of “health”, no…I am the biggest fan of exciting, interesting, delicious and scrumptious food and I won’t settle for less!

I further realised that sending my clients away with a meal plan, wishing them luck, does not work! I realised how important it is to change our relationships with food & our bodies to really get to a place of healing and freedom around eating. I also focus on health behaviour change (as most of us know exactly what to do, but somehow, we’re just not doing it) and I offer a lot of support, accountability and motivation to enable my clients to ingrain their new healthy habits and make it their new normal. I find that an integrative approach is key!

I know from experience that food is used for so many different reasons today. I personally used food for so many different reasons; the list is extensive: when I’m tired, feeling empty, feeling lonely, when I need a pat on the back, when I’m bored etc. And after indulging I would often criticise myself for my lack of willpower and feel ashamed of my ‘imperfect’ body. Even though many of us might feel like there is no way out of this vicious loop, I’m extremely excited to tell you that there is! I’m confident in sharing what I have found after years of studying, doing research, learning from the best in the world and having the courage to live my own truth.

What I found, is that when we use food to cover up all the gaps in our lives or to numb our emotions, it is actually a very clear indication of what is missing. So, if we start to listen and address these gaps, food could serve as a gateway to freedom and as a means to a more meaningful, exciting and rewarding life. Know that when you are using food for all kinds of different reasons instead of hunger, or if you are struggling to take care of your health, you do not have to give up hope. I can help you to start the healing journey and experience the freedom of a healthy life!

Healthy, nutritious food never has to be bland, exercise should be fun, life should be celebrated and your body should be honoured!

My Definition of Health

Health is not just about being a certain shape/ size or the absence of disease or pain, but rather a real joy in living. It’s about experiencing freedom around food and having abundant energy and vibrance to do the things that bring you joy.

Healthy is not something that you need to get, it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.

Happy Customers

Good day to all "health fanatics" seeking products to enhance their daily diet. Allow me to suggest placing some orders with Health Nook in the future. I have, for some time now, been a client and can attest to the Quality and Service being 1st Class. Also, Zena le Roux, with her perfect figure and lovely personality is an excellent advertisement for her business venture. "A healthy body is the basis for a healthy mind and thus sheer happiness".

Marian Midmer

About 3 weeks ago I started following the meal plan and exercises and can truly say I feel the difference already. I love the combinations of food, it includes food I enjoy and is easy to make. Eating only natural, preservative-free food really makes a difference to how you feel and what might seem difficult to do at first really is not. I was looking to change my lifestyle to a healthy one, include good food and exercise and if in the process I could get rid of some excess fat that would be a bonus. This is most definitely worth my while. I realized that I had to make a change and with the help of Zena it is now not only a dream but a realization. Give yourself the best chance ever.


A while back, I ran out of ideas of what to pack for lunch and what to make for dinner. Usually I ended up making bland food or food that I don’t like just because I thought it’s healthy and “low fat”. The change in my eating habits was an easy change to make and I now I am rewarded with all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy the convenience of ordering the preservative free products that gets delivered to my door.

Ilse Smit

I never imagined that healthy eating could possibly be so delicious. I thought that healthy eating meant eating only greens, leaves and bland food. Since I've started with the Health Nook lifestyle plan, I feel amazing and have tons of energy. I just had to change my mindset about what being healthy means. In the first four weeks I lost 6kg's and a whole dress size.

Suné Jones

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