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It’s all about taking good care of yourself, ending the obsession with food, and creating a healthy relationship with food, mind & body.


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Hello! I’m Zena

I’m a functional nutrition health coach, health journalist and mindful eating teacher. I work with clients who want to repair their relationship with food and their bodies and create health (both physically, mentally and emotionally). 

The way we look at health, our bodies, and food often causes lots of suffering. I want to show you that there is a way to break free from this and experience freedom again. 

My programs enable you to listen to your body more, include more healthy habits into your life that serve you, decrease binge eating type behavior, and find a way of eating and living that offers you joy, comfort, and balance. I offer the following options:

Eat for Life Mindful Eating online group program

Zena le Roux Health Protocol Individualised 6-week Program

Health & Wellness Retreats at beautiful venues

Training & supervision sessions for professionals who want to use my principles in their practice

The Doctor Who Transformed Novak Djokovic

I have the honour to work with the world-renowned, Dr Igor Cetojevic, to enable athletes and sports enthusiasts to get the edge in their sport and maximise performance, without compromising health.

Watch my interview with Dr Igor here.

Interviews with Health Professionals

I interview health professionals across the globe to help you navigate through the overwhelming amount of health information available.

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