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The world-renowned Dr Igor Cetojevic, better known as the doctor who transformed Novak Djokovic, shares his expertise on enhancing sports performance. In this program, Zena & Dr Igor talks about Lifestyle Changes, Awareness of Self, Nutrition Education and Strategies of Healing. Zena goes into more detail with regards to how to optimise your performance (in the short run) but also have sustained energy for long-term consistent performance. She shares with you how to eat and take care of your health to boost your performance, reduce recovery time and be on top of your game consistently.

A live interview with Dr Igor, Boris Bosnjakovic and Vesna Dolonc is also included in this program. Boris is currently the Head Tennis Coach of the Novak Tennis Center and has served as a coach on the ATP and WTA World tours since 2000. Vesna Dolonc is a retired Serbian tennis player/ Fed Cup Player. She earned career-highs of WTA 84 in singles and 93 in doubles. Boris and Vesna give us more insight into what is important in the world of tennis today.

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  • Welcome to the course

Module 1
In this module, you’ll learn more about what lifestyle changes you can make to increase performance, starting with improved sleep and balancing your energy levels.

Module 2
We need to know ourselves well in order to be the best version of ourselves. Better human beings are also better sportsmen.

Module 3
In this module, we talk about how to improve your nutrition. It might not just be about what we eat, but also about how and when we eat.

Module 4
What does the process usually look like when Dr Igor works with athletes? Pieces of the puzzle need to be put together to improve your performance to make sure that you are building a solid foundation for your health and performance. We also look at the importance of your gut health when it comes to sports performance and how you won’t be able to absorb nutrients properly if your gut is not functioning optimally.

Module 5
In this module, we touch on performance. After focusing on the quality of your food and optimising your health, we can now take a more detailed approach to upping your performance. We focus on when and what to eat before, during and after a training session/event for proper energy and recovery. We also discuss specific performance-boosting foods you can include in your diet to improve performance.

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