Why is it that, most of the time, health gets associated with being restrictive? It’s probably because we live in a world that’s obsessed with being skinny and looking good and a world who mostly follow extremist approaches in order to try to get in shape. That’s why so many people in South Africa (and all over the world) are left with metabolic fatigue – we’ve been put on so many extreme diets that our bodies can’t function properly anymore or can’t react to any weight loss strategies.

We are also told that we should be exercising most days of the week, and yes, this probably is a good habit, but if you’re overdoing the exercise and life-loads, the chance is great that you’ll present symptoms of adrenal fatigue, overtraining or even chronic fatigue. Even though exercise is extremely nourishing to all aspects of our physiology, overdoing it increases our stress responses and the more the body has to buffer these stress responses, which might result in a not so healthy person.

Okay, so what should we be doing then? At Health Nook we believe in a holistic approach to health and experiencing the freedom that goes with being healthy. To every single person being healthy will mean something completely different: for one person it might be to eat only fish and broccoli and training intensely most days of the week, for another the goal might be to become more flexible, doing breathing techniques or including more laughter, music, religion, tears, thoughts, love, pets and sunshine in their life.

Health Nook’s philosophy is: healthy food should be delicious and tasty, exercise should be enjoyed, life should be celebrated and your body should be honoured. We would like to help you to experience the freedom of being healthy (whatever healthy means to you) in order for you to feel happy and good about yourself.

Stop doing what the world is telling you about what being healthy entails, and rather take the time and go on a journey to really get to know yourself in order to truly explore what being healthy means to YOU!

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