Even though we know that bread and wheat products just aren’t good for us anymore and make us gain weight in an instant, some of us (including me) still can’t resist a slice on our plates. The question we need to ask is: Why is it not good for us?

Most bread contains sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This sugar, the grains and the many other substances will send your pancreas into overdrive. A lot of these chemicals are preservatives that can stay lodged in your stomach for years.

Also, during the refining process, bread is stripped of its healthy elements including bran and germ. This means most of the vitamins and minerals are lost leaving you with nothing but a mucus forming, addictive slice of bread to butter your toast in the morning. Not the ideal way to start the day. So, should we eliminate bread from our diets completely? No … certainly not …

If you eat proper bread, made with freshly stone milled flour, natural sourdough yeast and it gets prepared in the right way – the dough should rest for at least 24 hours, the result is delicious, wholesome, nutritious and filling bread and it won’t have the same negative side effects we experienced with regular bread. This type of bread is all natural, with no added preservatives or additives.

Luckily, we don’t have to say goodbye to bread, but should rather start to make better choices as to what type of bread we decide to eat.

If you would like to taste and experience this wholesome type of bread, have a look at the wide variety stone ground bread on Health Nooks’s online store. And…we deliver to your doorstep.

Please comment below and share your feelings and opinions about the effect that bread has on your body.

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