The moment we become ill, we often ask the question: “What disease do I have or what type of medicine can I use for this disease”? instead of “What system in my body is out of balance and why?”

If a system in your body is out of balance, you either have too much of something (toxins, allergens, poor diet, stress) or not enough of something (real, whole food, nutrients, light, water, sleep, air, movement, love, connection, meaning or purpose).

Nowadays we know more about how to keep our cars running for 150 000-plus kilos than about how to keep our bodies, minds and souls healthy for a lifespan of 120 years. Ancient cultural knowledge about how to create and maintain health is lost – no one teaches us anything about this anymore.

We only have one body, so we might as well learn about how it works and what the basic ingredients are for health and happiness. Every single person’s basic ingredients will differ, as each of us has unique imbalances that have created our state of disease and symptoms.

If you’re looking to have vibrant and sustainable health, it’s all about celebration, not deprivation. It’s about finding the delicious benefits that come from eating real food and caring for our bodies and souls.

One of the most important things you can do today to start healing your body is to focus on quality: If you focus on food quality you will feel satisfied and more energetic to take on whatever life brings to your side. This is not so much about what you can’t have but about all the extraordinary tastes, flavours, textures and foods you can explore without doing damage to your body.

We get the most pleasure from life when we focus on quality – the quality of our relationships, of our work and our food. Make one change today by choosing quality!

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