It’s the Italian countryside, at its best…but it’s right here, close to home. Here you’ll find high stone buildings, big bunches of rosemary and desert roses in excess, water wells, cypress trees neatly arranged, organic vegetable gardens and rusty cement pots… this carefully and meticulously thought-out spot allows you to experience almost a void in time to simply sip on your Grappa… and just be.

This beautifully decorated venue is located in Boschkop, Pretoria East and the layout and aesthetics was fully thought out, sketched, designed, built and created by the owners Marilis and Christo Pieters. Campagne Living officially opened its doors in March 2020 and the idea was inspired when the owners always found themselves escaping to quiet, serene and secluded countryside areas across the country (and the world). They always knew that one day they would move from the city’s hustle and bustle to the quiet countryside. It was in 2019 when they finally decided to make a lifestyle change and move to where they are today. The Cottage and the Vegetable gardens were the first pieces of infrastructure to be established, followed by the ‘Hothouse’ to accommodate authentic family and friendship gatherings.

Their dream for Campagne Living is that it will be a true, authentic and safe space for others and themselves to enjoy and it should further embody respect, integrity and serenity. They created this space for people to celebrate new life & love and to experience a deep sense of peace and contentment with life.

Here you’ll have a chance to enjoy ‘la vie à la Campagne’ – a life of slowing down and enjoying the small intimate moments it has to offer. Marilis and Christo offer genuine Italian hospitality and an authentic love for people which will make you feel right at home and give you the chance to truly rest, reset and reconnect with nature and its beauty.

Services they offer:

–  The renting out of ‘the Hothouse’ and surroundings for intimate events and private functions.

– The hosting of various photoshoots and styled shoots

– Unique picnic experiences

– Workshops and pop-up events

– An online store: Campagne Living Shoppe – artisanal and handcrafted gifts can be purchased

– Organic & seasonal vegetable boxes can be ordered weekly through their online store

Contact them:

081 473 4868

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