What exactly does being healthy mean? It’s not an easy question and I’m sure that your answers will vary quite a bit. I used to think that if you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly you can be classified as a “healthy person”, but I soon realised there must be more to it.

Life has so much more to offer. There are many more facets to being healthy – this sometimes includes eating a piece of chocolate, skipping a workout, relaxing, going on holiday, spending time with the people you love instead of working or reading a book. In order to be able to engage with life fully, we need to be present in our bodies and be able to listen to what our bodies have to say and what it needs.

This blog is all about celebrating life, listening to and respecting our bodies and being present in the things that we engage with.

Even though I will always advocate improving and maintaining our physical health, emotional and mental health are just as important and can’t be left behind. It doesn’t help much if our bodies are in tip-top shape, but we aren’t happy. Just as it requires effort to maintain physical health, so it is with mental and emotional health in order to add to your overall enjoyment of life.

This doesn’t mean that we should neglect our bodies, as the mind and the body are linked. We know by now that exercise and proper nutrition don’t only strengthen our bodies, but it can also energize us and lift our mood.

How we become more emotionally and mentally healthy, differs from person to person, but by applying self-regulation techniques can often aid in engaging fully with life. Opening ourselves up to the beauty that surrounds us in nature, spending time with people we love, listening to uplifting music, getting a massage, sipping on a warm drink, eating something we enjoy, doing things for no other reason than that it feels good to do them and making time for contemplation are only a few examples of how to feel more alive and happy.

Please comment below or send us an email to let us know what being healthy means to YOU.

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